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Providing Patient Advocacy and Medicare Navigation

Navigating health care and the medical insurance maze is challenging.  Crown Care provides independent unbiased consultancy for families and businesses.

Eileen Hilton, MD

Eileen Hilton MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine emerita at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, has over 35 years of advocating for patients.  

Dr. Hilton was in clinical practice as an internist with a subspecialty of infectious diseases. After many years of academic medicine and clinical medicine, she was recruited by the NY Academy of Medicine to become the founding President and CEO of the Biomedical Research Alliance of New York.  She moved to Hawaii in 2008 and started Crown Care, a patient advocacy company.   Dr. Hilton has been recognized as a "Best Doctor" nationally  for several years.

Dr. Hilton  graduated from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons.  She is the author of numerous peer reviewed articles, chapters and books.