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Crown Care helped me last year to sort out my medicare Part B plan. I had signed up for the plan when I turned 65 two years ago with a lot of confusion and conflicting advice. I am a business owner with staff and plan on working for a few more years which made the situation more complicated. Once that issue was clarified, I had to deal with which supplemental plan to choose which was pretty mind boggling. Crown Care was thorough in their analysis and went over the options clearly. The follow up this year was timely and educational.It is no longer a stressful task I have to deal with every year. I highly recommend the service to all those enrolling in medicare for the first time and to those on medicare who should review their plan annually to be sure it is still the right one. SI, Honolulu

"~~It is with great pleasure that I write this note of thank you to Crown Care and its professional staff. I was notified my HMSA senior care program was being discontinued with very little notice. My husband requires medical coverage for various long term items and we were concerned about how this would be handled. The staff of Crown Care took all of our information, reviewed and compared with multiple insurance providers. We sat down with them went over all options and felt comfortable that we had the necessary information to make a decision on our new plan. We would recommend them to any one who needs clarification on their medical provider plans. It saved us a lot of time and stress." J Kaneohe

Providing Patient Advocacy and Medicare Navigation

independent physician navigators consider family and personal health history, prescriptions and supplements, travel preferences, potential relocation and annual cost to determine the best coverage for you and your family.  Crown Care is not insurance brokers and and receive no compensation from any insurance company or brokerage firm.  Saving you money for the best coverage is our only concern.. 

  • Evaluate your family and medical history, medications, travel and budgetary concerns
  • Analyze personalized insurance options
  • Present frugal and robust insurance coverage options for your consideration
  • Confirm your MDs and other providers accept the new insurer


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HEALTH Insurance AND MEDICARE  Navigation

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