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Client Stories

"I have a number of medical problems including CIDP, a rare neurological disease that requires a very expensive treatment. My insurance company continually tried to deny me that treatment causing great stress to my wife and me. A friend recommended Crown Care to us... Dr. Hilton not only helped us, she solved the problem completely by finding us another insurance company which approves my treatment. My wife and I believe that Dr. Hilton saved my life and she has certainly improved our lives by eliminating the constant stress that we were under."  ES Honolulu

​"I am very grateful for the immediate, personal, detail oriented, thorough service provided by Crown Care. My husband suffered a major stroke, and placement in a long term care facility became a necessity.
Crown Care immediately made phone calls and dealt with the care homes and insurance companies. They made sure that all the necessary legal paperwork was correctly processed and submitted on time, and that positive results were confirmed.
Having Crown Care as an advocate eased so much anxiety and uncertainty during a very difficult time. I am grateful for such excellent personal service". IR Kaneohe

​How do ordinary mortals begin to do this?!  Ill with fourth stage cancer and minimal eyesight due to glaucoma, JC desperately needed to activate the long term health insurance he had been donating hefty monthly sums to for years.  It could not have been done without the advocacy of Eileen Hilton from Crown Care.  She fought tooth and nail for us, through the labyrinthian path of medical verifications, roadblocks and inanities put forward by the insurer.  She went to bat and hit a home run for us, not only activating the monthly payout from the insurer but also stopping the automatic premium requirement.  A huge mahalo to Crown Care and Dr. Eileen Hilton. JC Honolulu

Insurance claim advocacy

  • "My husband had a stroke and the long term care insurance claim is confusing."
  • " The insurance company rejected my claim and I can't afford the nursing home for my mom."

There are frequent examples of long term care insurers trying to keep reimbursements down by delaying and/or denying claims. 

CROWN CARE will...

  • Assist with claim completion 
  • Submit and track all necessary paperwork

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