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During this year, Dad has had several emergency room visits, and Crown Care has always been there to see him through. Although one visit was the week before Thanksgiving, they waited for hours in the emergency room along with my mom.  They advocated for critical details of the hospital care that the family wouldn’t have known to ask, such as medication to prevent recurring infections, as my dad is susceptible to a certain infection that he’s had in the past.  When my mother didn’t understand the hospital’s life-sustaining treatment form (and signed Dad up for a do-not-resuscitate option that we did not want!), Crown Care called us immediately to explain in detail the option that Mom had selected to ensure that was what we had wanted.  During Dad’s hospital stay, and first asking for our approval, Crown Care arranged to have a minor surgery performed to prevent additional emergency room visits, thus saving another hospital trip.

In addition to emergencies, Crown Care has supported my dad with more routine issues, which are just as important as the emergencies.  I’ve been present for a few doctor visits along with Crown Care, and these visits are handled with just as much attention to detail as the emergencies.  Crown Care tracks Dad’s health, general condition, and vital signs at these visits.  They scrutinize the doctors’ reports and the nursing home reports.

Crown Care has caught, interpreted, and communicated details missed by others. Example: during Dad’s last doctor visit, the doctor missed a note on the nursing home report that one of Dad’s meds had been added back into the medication list.  The doctor added a note that it was OK for Dad to not have this medication, but Crown Care caught that and reported the missed note back to the nursing home.

Crown Care continues to monitor Dad’s medications and nursing home care.  They watch over the nursing home, they monitor and evaluate the nursing home doctor’s treatment, and they ensure that Dad gets needed care. When necessary, they even give Dad frank advice on how he can help himself to improve his own condition.  They have even watched over my mother, alerting me when they have trouble getting hold of her, when she is late, or even when she is looking tired.

Without Crown Care’s help, I might not have my dad.  I’m deeply grateful for all they have done for our family. Jessica, Santa Barbara and Mililani.

"Our Crown Care advocate was a marvelous facilitator who stayed with us until my husband was admitted to the Cardiac Care Unit.  She called me the next day to offer any additional help we needed...can't say enough about the comfort and assistance we received from CROWN CARE LLC.  Wow, if you need medical assistance in Hawaii, call this group at 808-254-8088."  Chris L., New York, 

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