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Providing Patient Advocacy and Medicare Navigation

Estate organization

  •  "Making sure my affairs are in order is overwhelming."
  •  " I think I have it all -  its in a shoebox in my closet"

An estate organization packet is important at any age.  A complete document will help your family and executor know where everything is and who to contact.  Preparation may be an arduous task for some but our sensitive and skilled staff will help every step of the way.


We help ....

  • Navigate the medical system
  •  Serve as your advocate with health care providers
  • Explain your condition and medications
  • Review bills from doctors, nursing homes and  hospitals

Patient Advocacy

  • "How do I choose a family physician?"
  • "I don't live close to my parents,  dad is sick....I need help."

     With health care choices becoming more complex, many families need a neutral party to navigate them through their health and well-being journey.

     Crown Care medical professionals will be there to assist you or your family member .  

Social Security


  • "When should I sign up for Social Security?"
  • "I just lost my husband- can I continue getting his social security check?"

     Health history, marital status and financial needs are assessed with the goal of maximizing your Social Security benefits. 

Insurance Navigation

  • "Receiving lots of mailings from Medicare plans... Best one?
  • "Original Medicare vs. Advantage plan, any difference?"

    Crown Care assists with selection of your health insurance plan that best suits your age, health and budget. 

    We are independent.  We do not receive compensation from insurance companies or brokers.  We have only your interests at heart.