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Client story

had not been looking forward to confronting the “Medicare Challenge”. Inundated with information on television and mailings seemed to just muddy the waters.
Working with Dr. Eileen Hilton at Crown Care was my solution. All options best suited to me were presented with detailed explanation not otherwise available. Then step by step instructions were provided on how to begin the Medicare process.
My stress and frustration was eliminated with her expertise. Choosing this avenue is an excellent way to navigate a complicated issue.
As plan details may change, I can say with certainty that I will continue to seek her counsel. This was money well spent.

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Providing Patient Advocacy and Medicare Navigation


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1.  costs?

Fees vary based on individual client needs and services rendered. Contact us for a complimentary estimate.  

2.  What Age groups do you Serve?

We serve all ages - from children to the elderly.

3.  Where do you provide services?

Patient advocacy, healthcare insurance navigation and Insurance claims assistance are available throughout the state of Hawaii.  Insurance navigation and claims assistance are available nationwide as well.